At the beginning of the Huawei Developer Conference, these Kunpeng + Ascension industrial chains may benefit

At the beginning of the Huawei Developer Conference, these “Kunpeng + Ascension” industrial chains may benefit
From March 27th to March 28th, the Huawei Developers Conference will be in the form of antiques online. The conference will focus on “Kunpeng + Shengteng”.According to the meeting agenda, the developer conference will focus on Kunpeng on the first day, and will focus on the next day.  Huawei’s computing business strategy can be traced back to the Civilized Full Connect Conference in September last year, when Huawei first released its computing strategy, announcing that the company will lay out four areas, including breakthroughs in architectural innovation and investment in a full-scene processor family, Adhere to the business strategy of doing something and doing nothing, and spare no effort to transform the open ecology.  Specific to the main line of “Kunpeng + Ascension”, it is actually the layout of Huawei in the general computing business and AI computing business.In the field of general computing, the Kunpeng series invested by Huawei is to create a competitive general-purpose computing processor, and to build a Kunpeng industrial ecological base with local governments and partners.In the field of AI computing, Huawei has released a risen processor for AI training and an AI computing framework MindSpore, marking the landing of Huawei’s full-stack full-scenario AI solution.  ”Kunpeng + Shengteng” aims at the broad computing industry market.According to Gartner, by 2023, the size of the global computing industry will exceed 2 trillion US dollars, in China it will exceed 1.1 trillion yuan.  Therefore, Huawei proposed last year to create a “one cloud, two wings, dual engine” computing industry layout.”One cloud” refers to Huawei Cloud, which provides a safe and reliable hybrid cloud through full-stack innovation to provide inclusive computing power for the world; “Two wings” refers to Huawei’s intelligent computing business and intelligent data and storage business; “dual engine”Refers to Huawei’s two basic chip families built around Kunpeng and Shengteng to build alternative computing architectures.  In terms of Kunpeng ecology, Huawei attracts partners through “hardware openness and software open source”. Hardware manufacturers fully open their motherboards to develop their own brand products and solutions. Software manufacturers are based on UOS, OpenEuler’s open source OS, and supporting databases.Platform software such as middleware develops application software and services. Source: “Kunpeng Computing Industry Development White Paper” According to the “Kunpeng Computing Industry Development White Paper” jointly released by Huawei and the Green Computing Industry Alliance, China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Anmou Technology (China), IDC and industrial partners, as of the end of 2019, Kunpeng computing industry has more than 150 manufacturers involved, involving a number of listed companies, including UFIDA Networks, Jiadu Technology, Kingsoft Office, Zhiyuan Internet, Radio and Television Express, etc.  Industrial Research Securities pointed out in the research report that listed companies involved in Kunpeng’s computing industry include ArcherMind Technology and Chinese software (operating system), Kingsoft Office (office software), Dongfangtong and Baoland (partnerware), Digital China, DonghuaSoftware and Changshan Beiming (whole machine), Yi Hualu (storage).  CITIC Construction Investment believes that the Kunpeng computing industry has the largest server and industry application market space.In the future, Huawei will mainly provide Kunpeng chips, and benefit from the reconfiguration of related server manufacturers, such as China Digital and Donghua Software; Huawei’s internal business basically does not involve industry application software development, and it is a completely complementary relationship with industry application manufacturers.Partners rely on Huawei to open up broader market space, such as UFIDA and Kingdee International.  The rising computing industry is mainly in the AI field, and the scenarios involved include finance, autonomous driving, and intelligent manufacturing.Societe Generale believes that HKUST Xunfei (AI algorithm), Zhongke Dawn (AI computing power), Zhongke Chuangda and Qianfang Technology (AI + Automotive), Hang Seng Electronics and Flush (AI + Finance), etc. are expected to become rising computing industriesEcological partners.Reporter Lu Yifu edits Sun Yong proofreading Wei Zhuo