Hundreds of adjustments were made to the New Deal Several Days in 8 places during the year, how did the property market policy go?

Hundreds of adjustments were made to the New Deal “Several Days” in 8 places during the year, how did the property market policy go?
Shenzhen has strictly investigated the “housing resistance business loans into the property market”, and Dongguan and other places have adjusted the provident fund loan policy . Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the intensive housing market measures introduced by various regions continue to attract market attention.On April 22, the sauna and Yewang learned that Huai’an, Jiangsu, has relaxed its purchase restrictions, and that foreigners no longer need to provide tax or social security to purchase a house in Huai’an.But after only one day, the locals have changed their minds.The staff of the 12345 government hotline of Huai’an City said, “The previous policy is still being implemented. Foreigners still need to provide tax or social security for one year or more when buying houses in Huai’an.According to incomplete statistics from Sauna and Yewang, since the beginning of this year, real estate-related policies have been issued hundreds of times throughout the year.Among them, the “relaxation” policies such as lowering the number of talents to settle in biology, adjusting the provident fund policy, and adjusting the purchase restriction on door cloud have become mainstream.With the improvement of the epidemic situation, there is a possibility of recovery in the property market recently.Statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that from January to March, the sales area of commercial housing reached 219.80 million square meters, which fell 26 afterwards.3%, the decline narrowed by 13 from January to February.6 single; at the same time, the national real estate development investment reached 2,196.3 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decline of 7.7%, the decline is narrower than that in January-February 8.6 averages.Huatai Securities Research believes that the repair of the property market in April and the second quarter can be expected, but considering the impact of the epidemic on the economy and residents’ income, and the control of the epidemic may continue in the medium term, it is expected that after the repair in the second quarterIn the second half of the year, it will still face pressure, so in the “three stable” expectations, policy improvement space will continue.Some cities have lowered the gene for house purchases in Shanghai. Since Shanghai has still strictly controlled the housing credit outbreak, a large number of cities have accelerated the return of the real estate market by reducing the down payment and reducing the number of people entering the biology.In the middle of this month, Lanzhou issued a policy weighing out, which will be precisely decomposed according to the local policy, and adjust the proportion of the down payment of commercial real estate loans according to the market operation, from the current 70% to 50%.In some places, the provident fund loan policy has been adjusted.On April 22, the Housing Provident Fund Management Center of the Hunan Provincial Unit issued a notice weighing that the time for borrowers to purchase, construct, rebuild, and overhaul self-loan applications was adjusted from 2 years before the loan application to 1 year.At the same time, the person involved in the purchase of second-hand housing to apply for a housing provident fund loan and apply for a bank mortgage loan to a provident fund loan will no longer limit the age of the mortgaged house, nor the sum of the age of the mortgaged house and the age of the loan.The new provident fund policy implemented in Dongguan on March 1 has also reduced the conditions for applying for a maximum 30-year loan period. Originally, only a first-hand house with a construction area of less than 90 square meters can be used to extend the loan for 30 years.But now it is only necessary to review not more than 5 years after the employee ‘s legal retirement age and the number of years of mortgaged house land use rights.It is worth noting that in the first quarter of this year, 50 cities have issued talent policies, including many hot cities such as Nanjing and Hangzhou.Taking Nanjing as an example, the policy it released in April further reduced the number of talents who have settled in the door. Bachelor degree talents were relaxed from 40 years old to 45 years old. Those with college education under 40 years old can settle in Nanjing for half a year.In these cities, a large number of house purchase policies are very “friendly” to settlers, and some even buy a house as long as they have an account. Therefore, the so-called talent policy actually reduces the purchase biology of foreigners in the local market.However, not all city policy directions are biased towards “relaxation”, and there are also scenic spots cities that have tightened due to the hot market.The most typical one is Shenzhen. In March, Vanke Star City adopted an online opening model. In only 7 minutes and 30 seconds, 4 288 sets of special positions were all sold.Recently, the People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Central Sub-branch issued a manuscript that will resolutely determine the work requirements of “no housing and no speculation” and “information based on the city”, maintain the stability, continuity and consistency of real estate financial policies, compact commercial bank responsibilities and cancelCredit funds are used for house purchases in violation of regulations.On April 23rd, the Shanghai Real Estate Credit Work Symposium in Tokyo and Shanghai headquarters, the meeting required that we adhere to the “housing, housing, no speculation” positioning, avoid using property as risk mortgage, and break through the credit policy requirements in disguise through personal consumption loans and operating loans.Illegal provision of funds to home buyers affects the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.The 8th property market new policy “first move and then withdraw” experts said that the fact that the market interference is serious, the Central Economic Work Conference released in December last year has set the trend of this year’s real estate policy.The meeting determined that it is necessary to achieve a comprehensive consensus on city-specific policies, stabilize land prices, stabilize housing prices, and stabilize the expected long-term management system and mechanism to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.The real estate policies issued by the above-mentioned provinces and cities are a concrete manifestation of the policy of the city, but some places have withdrawn due to excessive market response after the policy was issued. The “one-day tour” and “two-day tour” have beenCompletion is not uncommon.In addition to the previous “one-day tour” of Huai’an’s new house purchase policy, Zhongyuan Real Estate Chief Analyst Zhang Dawei told reporters that there have been policy “several days” in 7 cities including Qingdao, Haining, Guangzhou, Jinan, Baoji and Zhumadian.Taking the recent Jingzhou as an example, its announcement on April 22 stated that it was inconsistent with some of the provisions of the “Notice of the General Office of the Hubei Provincial People’s Government on Printing and Distributing Measures to Promote the Stable and Healthy Development of the Construction Industry and Real Estate Market.”Decided to suspend the implementation of the “Several Opinions of the People’s Government of Jingzhou City on Effectively Responding to the Epidemic Situation and Promoting the Stable and Healthy Operation of the Real Estate Industry” from the date of issuance of the notice.It is reported that the content of the opinion mainly includes reducing the down payment ratio of the first house to 20% and the down payment of the second house to 30%, increasing the maximum amount of personal housing provident fund loans, and exempting deed tax for a limited time.The Air Force of Shandong, Qingdao and Haining, Zhejiang also have regulations to relax purchase restrictions in stages. For example, Haining announced that from March 25 to April 24, the policy of “restricting the purchase of a house by non-Haining registered population in Haining” will not be implemented, but at the same timeThese policies were quickly withdrawn or modified.Zhang Dawei told reporters that the local government’s above-mentioned practices have caused serious market interference.Under the epidemic situation, macroeconomic changes, real estate policy can be adjusted under the guidance of the principle of policy implementation in the city, especially under the principle of housing and not speculation, and the introduction of certain policies for just-needed and improved housing, which does not violate the principle of housing market sizeIt will not bring too much impact to the market, but it does contain some unreasonable internal loosening policies, such as greatly reducing down payment.”At present, most of the adjustments to the purchase restriction policy, as well as the talent policy and the provident fund policy, can be implemented, but most of the relevant policies related to the reduction of the down payment for residential home purchase credit have been replaced.In the long run, follow-up property market policy adjustments will continue to take place, and trials of loosening policies in cities around the world will continue to emerge.Zhang Dawei said.The central government has intervened several times to “no housing, no speculation”. The stable and healthy development of the property market is still the main tone since this year. Affected by the epidemic, the monetary environment is loose.China Money Network reportedly announced on April 20 that the April 1-year LPR (Loan Market Quoted Rate) reported 3.85%, down 20 basis points from the previous downtrend; LPR over 5 years reported 4.65%, 10 basis points down from the last time, this is already the second “rate cut” in the year.For customers whose mortgage period exceeds 5 years, with reference to LPR over 5 years, 1 million loan principal, 30-year equal principal and interest mortgage loans, the monthly monthly savings after two interest rate cuts during the year can save about 90 yuan.However, neither “interest rate cuts” or the introduction of policies based on the city’s policies around the country do not mean that the overall real estate market will be replaced and relaxed.The Politburo meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on April 17 once again announced that it would insist on the positioning of the house for living, not speculation, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.Yan Yuejin, Research Director of the Think Tank Center of E-House Research Institute, believes that three characteristics can be polished from this statement. First, despite the decline in the deviation of GDP in the first quarter, the actual market still insists on housing and not speculating, further explaining the existing reality.The feasible ideas will not change, and all types of real estate demand will still be controlled.In fact, “not using real estate as a short-term stimulus to the economy”, “merging local government principal responsibilities” and other expressions do not appear, which may indicate that under the general framework of housing and housing, real estate policies in various regions can only play a certain roleeffect.In addition, the policy clearly promotes the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, and continues to improve the real estate development guidance. From the perspective of the existing real estate market, the biggest variable factor is the excessively rapid change in transaction volume, so gradually predicting stable market transaction volume will becomekey point.China Merchants International Securities Research also believes that the CPC Central Committee Politburo meeting will not resume housing and speculation. Therefore, we do not expect the government to introduce further stimulus policies to support home purchases, such as the cancellation of purchase restrictions or the substantial reduction ofdown payment.”Although we are cautious about policies aimed at home buyers, we believe that the government will ensure the steady development of real estate companies, resulting in a large number of bankruptcies and unemployment.”For example, the government will provide developers with more land.In fact, we believe that the financing channels for developers with sound business will be improved.”Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Shihui