Goodbye CBA No. 1 Handsome, Yang Ming No. 12 jersey retired

Goodbye “CBA No. 1 Handsome”, Yang Ming No. 12 jersey retired
On the night of retirement, the Liaoning team submitted a trophy for Yang Ming.Beijing News News Before tonight’s home game between the Liaoning team and the Guangsha team at the CBA regular season, the Liaoning men’s basketball club was the former captain. The club’s deputy general Yang Ming held the retirement ceremony of the No. 12 jersey.Yang Ming, known as the “CBA First Handsome” officially ended his professional player career, in the future he will take charge of club management.”It’s great to stand on this familiar field before retiring.I am ashamed, I am definitely not the best and most outstanding player in the history of the Liaoning team. What I can do is to devote a lifetime of loyalty to the team.”Yang Ming thanked a lot of people in his retirement speech, including Guo Shiqiang, the coach of the Liaoning team.” Looking at the white hair on Guo’s head and the purple lips in the game, I know how difficult this job is.On the night of Yang Ming’s retirement, Gao Peng was full.Guo Shiqiang said that Yang Ming is the first player in the history of the Liao basketball team to have a retirement ceremony. He deserves this honor. “Yang Ming came forward in difficult times in the club and was able to make way for training young players in the year of his fight.Reducing playing time, this dedication is worth learning for everyone.”Guo Shiqiang believes that Yang Ming won the double champion before retiring,” it should be said that there is no regret, this is a perfect result.Yang Ming is 34 years old and has spent 15 seasons in the Liaoning team.He played 565 games in total, scoring 4,364 points, 1,551 assists, and 644 steals. The number of appearances and steals replaced the team’s history.In July this year, the CBA Liaoning Club officially announced that Yang Ming entered the club as the deputy general manager, focusing on the club’s business development, brand promotion and training camp.During this year’s Men’s Basketball World Cup, Yang Ming, who participated in the commentary on the live broadcast platform, also supported Zhou Qi, who was a sluggish performer, and Guo Ailun replaced the national hand. He believed that the Chinese men’s basketball team surrounded the trough is a problem of the overall environment.Are afraid of going to “.